Friday, March 19, 2010


In the Court of Shri ______________________

___________ Vs. ___________


Report of the Local ________


The Local ___________- submits the following report :-

That I was appointed as a Local ____________ by this Hon’ble court vide order dated _________ with the directions to visit the spot and to submit the report about the existing position of the suit property alongwith rough site plan after issuing Notice to the parties.
As per the directions of this Hon’ble court, I served notices upon the counsels for the parties intimating them to come present on the spot on __________ at about _________. I reached the spot on ________ at __________ and firstly I prepared the memo of appearance of the parties. Both the counsels of the parties were present at the spot. I prepared a rough site plan at the spot which is enclosed herewith this report. I visited the spot and prepared the following report: -
1- That I entered into the property in dispute from _________ and I found that there is _____ portion just adjacent to the ________. The property is facing towards the _________side. On the main gate I found ________ and the wall with the main gate. The wall was ___. and the same was newly constructed. I found that there were _____ rooms and _____. There were total _ pillars on which the ______ is entangled. There were ____ pillars in the middle of the _____ and these rooms were old constructed rooms probably constructed about _ years ago. I found there was kitchen foundation and wall adjacent to the same was _______ Ft. in height. I found lying dust with the _____ wall of the said property. On the western side I found ____, which were also newly constructed. The _____ wall is the joint wall of Shri ______ and _________. In the _________ side there is _______ land in which ________ is standing. I also found the ____ _______ outside the gate and ______ inside the property and property is bounded as under:-
East - _____________
West - _____________
North - ______________
South - ______________

It is, therefore, prayed the Local ____________ report may kindly be accepted in the interest of justice.
Dated Local _________.