Monday, May 3, 2010

For Grant of Anticipatory Bail in Case under Section of Electricity Act Police Station


Application No.________ of _______

______ son of _________

R/o ____________,

________, __________



State of __________


1st Application Under Section ___ ___ For Grant of Anticipatory Bail in Case FIR No.___ dated ____ Under Section ___ of Electricity Act Police Station ________.


The applicant/petitioner most respectfully submit as under: -

1- That the applicant/accused has been falsely implicated in the above noted case by the S.D.O., _____, _________ and on the instance of the SDO, the said police registered the said case against the applicant/accused. The applicant/accused is an innocent person and has no concern with the alleged offence as alleged by the said police.

2- That the said SDO ______, imposed the penalty of Rs. _______/- on dated __________ vide Memo No. _______ dated _________.

3- That the applicant has deposited the penalty amount of Rs. ______/- on dated ________ in the office of S.D.O. , __________. The photocopy of the receipt is enclosed herewith.

4- That the applicant/petitioner is entitled for bail on the following grounds :-

Grounds of Bail:

(a) That the applicant/petitioner has already deposited all the amount of penalty before the office of __________. The photocopy of the same are enclosed herewith.

(b) That now the police of P.S. _______, _________ and is visiting the house of the applicant and is unnecessarily harassing the applicant.

(c) That the applicant/petitioner undertakes to join the investigation as and when required by the police of police Station ________, ___________.

(d) That there is no apprehension for absconding or evading of taking trial.

(e) That the applicant/petitioner undertakes not to temper with the evidence or witnesses.

(f) That the applicant/petitioner undertakes for not to leave India without the prior permission and consent of the Hon’ble court.

(g) That the applicant/petitioner undertakes to abide by all the terms and conditions as imposed by the Hon’ble court in the event of bail.

(h) That in such type of false cases the bail is rule and refusal of the bail will not serve any purpose.

It is, therefore prayed that the applicant/petitioner may kindly be released/granted anticipatory bail and the SHO concerned/ I.O. of concerned police station _______, _________ may kindly be directed to release the applicant/petitioner on bail in the event of his arrest

Dated :_____ Applicant/Petitioner

______ son of Shri _______ R/o
 ________, _____________

Through counsel:

____________, Advocate, _________