Friday, September 10, 2010

Property Declaration Affidavit


I, ____ son of ____, resident of ____, do hereby declare on oath as under: -

1- That I am owner in possession of ____.

2- That I purchased ____, measuring ___ Sq. Yards situated within ____ from ____ S/o ____ resident of ____ vide sale deed bearing its document No.____ dated ____ registered in the office of ____.

3- That after purchasing the said plot the ____ allotted ___ Ward No. ___, ____ in respect of the said plot.

4- That ____ and ____ is the one and the same property.

5- That if any difference will be found later on in my statement in respect of the above mentioned property then I shall be fully responsible for the same and if later on the ____ will be find any right, title and interest over the said property then that person can take any action against me.

Declarant /Deponent


Verified that the contents of my above declaration are true and correct to best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.
Verified at ____ on ____
Declarant /Deponent