Friday, September 10, 2010

Firm Registration Affidavit


I, ____ son of ____aged about ____ years resident of ____, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

1- That I have never been convicted any court in ___ under the ____and rule ____ framed there under

2- That the sale premises of my said firm is the property of its actual owner of ____ who himself directly rented the same vide receipt dated ____ for purpose of ____ Shop only and the same said premises is under my legal possession occupancy as tenant and it is not connected to any residence.

3- That I shall myself be the over all incharge and responsible persons of my said firm for its day to day conduct and control of the business.

4- That I had never being a ____ or an active or sleeping partner at any such firm ____ had never been cancelled by the licensing Authority for any reason whatsoever.

5- That the firm has employee I ____, R/o ____, as registered ____ at salary of ____ per month w.e.f. ____on whole time basis to work as registered ____ with ____ from ____

6- That I opt and want to keep all record of retail sale, sale, purchase etc. of ____ in cash memos and bills/ invoice of said firm which shall be maintained properly in legible manner.

7- That the said premises of said firm will not be used /utilized for any other purpose except for the business of those categories of ____ which will include in the ____ applied for by me or granted to me at my said firm

8- That I shall comply with the provision, rules, regulations and conditions of the ____ framed there under for the time being inforce or are amended from time to time under the said act and rule.

9- That If in case in close my firm I will give written information alongwith list of ____ of lying at my firm.


Verified that the contents of my above affidavit are true to best of my knowledge and belief and nothing concealed therein.

Verified at ____ on ____
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