Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Accident Death Claim Affidavit


1- ____ wife of ____ son of ____
2- ____ son of / daughter of ____ son of ____

All residents of _____ District ___ at present R/o _____.


1- ____ son of ____ resident of ____
(Driver of the offending vehicle ____ No. ____)

2- ____ son of ____ resident of ____
(Owner of the offending vehicle ____ No. ____)

3- _____ vide its Insurance Policy No. ____valid upto ____ issued from ____ branch office service may be effected through its Branch Manager at ____.
(Insurer of the offending vehicle ____ No. ____)




The petitioners most respectfully submit as under:-

We, the above-named petitioners being the legal heirs/representatives of deceased ____, do hereby apply for the grant of compensation, who died in the roadside vehicular accident caused by the respondent No.1 by driving the vehicle ____ rashly, negligently, carelessly, without observing the traffic rules, without observing the safety of the others at ____ within the jurisdiction of ____ on ____ at about ____.

The necessary particulars in respect of the vehicle, deceased etc. are given herein below:-

1- Name & father’s name of the person deceased - ____son of ____

2- Full address of the person deceased - ____R/o ____

3- Age of the person deceased - ____

4- Occupation of the person died - ____

5- Name and address of employer - ____

6- Monthly income of the person - ____

7- Does the person in respect of whom the compensation is claimed pay income tax, if so, state the amount of tax paid ? - ____

8- Place, date and time of accident - The accident took place on ____ at about ____ at ____ within the jurisdiction of ____.

9- Name & address of the police Station in whose jurisdiction The accident took place and the case Was registered - Police Station____ where the FIR No____ dated ____U/s. ____ IPC was got registered against the respondent No.1

10- Was the person in respect of whom the compensation is claimed was traveling in the motor vehicle involved in the accident - ____

11- Nature of injuries sustained - ____

12- Name & address of the Medical Officer, if any, who attended the deceased - ____

13-Period of treatment and expenditure - if any ? - ____

14- Registration No. & type of the vehicle involved in the accident. - ____

15- Name & address of owner of the offending vehicle - ____

16-Name & address of driver of offending vehicle. - ____

17-Name & address of the insurer of the offending vehicle. - ____

18- Has any claim been lodged with the owner /insurer of the offending vehicle - ____

19- Name & address of the applicants - ____

20- Relationship with the deceased - ____

21-Titlte to the property of the deceased - ____

22-Amount of compensation claimed - ____

23- Whether the claim petition is within time. - ____

24-Any other information that may be helpful in disposal of the claim petition - ____

25-Brief Description of the Accident:-  That on ____ at about ____ the deceased was going to ____ on his ____ and when he reached near ____ in a very slow and moderate speed on the left side of the road meanwhile the respondent No.1 driving the ____ rashly, negligently, carelessly without blowing any horn and in a high speed hit the ____ of the deceased from ____side while coming towards ____ side. Due to the hit the deceased fell down on the road sustained multiple grievous injuries on his ____ and body. The accident has been caused by the negligent and rash and careless driving by the respondent No.1.


It is therefore, prayed that the petition of the petitioners may kindly be accepted and an award of ____ /- (____ only) under section ____ of the ____ along with interest @ ___% p.a. from the date of accident till the date of realization of the amount in full may kindly be passed in favour of the petitioners and against the respondents jointly and severally with costs of the petition.

It is further prayer that an award of ____ /- under section____ of the ____ Act, under No Fault liability may also kindly be passed in favour of the petitioners and against the respondents jointly or severally.


Through counsel ____ Advocate, ____


Verified that the contents of our above petition from Para No.1 to 25 are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief. The last Para is the prayer before this Hon’ble Tribunal
Verified at ____ on __________

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