Friday, September 10, 2010

Bus Affidavit Format


I, ___, _____ , do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-

1. That we have a bus bearing its Engine No. ____, Chassis No. ____ Model No.____, the bus is __ Seater.

2. That the said bus has been purchase by the said ____ from its own sources or by raising loan from ___ the said bus is exclusive property of the said ____ and no other benami transaction or interest of any kind involved.

3. That the said bus will be used for the carriage bonfire ____ of the said _____ who shall hold indemnity cards duly signed the head of the _____.

4. That the _____ bus will be properly maintained will be road worthily would posses a certificate for fitness, insurance certificate and will not emanate smoke beyond permissible limit it would be manned by trained experienced and well versed driver along with trained attendant or conductor. The attendant will be adequately trained to handle the ____.

5. That the _____ bus driver engaged would be giving a least __ years driving experience, it would also be ensured that the bus driver has not been challenged more than three times for traffic violation stop line unauthorized land changing overtaking etc. and ought not be have been challenged fro an offence U/s ____ of the IPC during the period of requisite experience of __ year.

6. That _____ bus will not be permitted to exceed the speed of maximum __ in any part of the city.

7. That the authorities of _____ have their own building and it will be ensured that the __ are dropped side the boundary wall of the _____ by bus.

8. That the bus will carry first-aid box and fire extinguish as required under rules.

9. That the bus will carry a board showing the name of the _____ rout and timing which will be displayed conspicuously on from of the bus and it will be painted in ____ colour.

10. That conductor and driver of the bus will be sent to refresh course of a least once it __ years arrange by the transport depot.

11. That the driver and conductor of the bus will wear proper uniform and name place showing the name and license number of the said driver/conductor.

12. That the bus will not be allowed to carried ____ in excess of __ time of its registered seating capacity.

13. That the ____ will control and main the traffic through own manpower.

14. That it is undertaken that the said bus will be run accordance with the act and rules abide and if any time transport authorities of ____ found or de acted the said vehicle has been found being used in contravention of the provisions of the act and rules abide, the authorities of the transport Department ____, will be competent to impose Road Tax, is stage carriage permit fee together with penalty provided under the Act/Rules along with compositor fee the said department shall also be competent to recover the motor vehicle tax road tax or any other pending fee, in the event of said ____ shall be liable to pay passenger tax and fine or penalties as the case may be.

15. That the said _____ is being run by ____ name of _____ which is registered under the Registration of societies act __.

16. That the said ___ recognized by __.


Verified that the contents of my above affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein. Verified at ____ on ____