Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deed of Settlement for Marriage Divorce


THIS DEED OF SETTLEMENT has been executed between the parties on this ________ day of _______
______ son of _______, resident of ______ (hereinafter called the FIRST PARTY)


______ wife of _______ D/o _______ (hereinafter called the SECOND PARTY)

Do hereby enter into this final settlement as under:-

1- That the first party was married with the second party on ____ at ____.

2- That after the marriage both the parties lived together and cohabited with each other as husband and wife at the residence of the first party.

3- The said marriage was the love marriage and was solemnized as per the sweet will of both the parties and the parents of both the parties had given their consent for the said marriage of both the parties. Hence no any dowry was taken or given by either party in the said marriage.

4- That the parties to the marriage have been living separately from each other since ____ i.e. more than __ year.

5- That since the very beginning of the marriage, due to the temperamental differences and due to the different natures and thoughts, both the parties could not adjust themselves with each other and it became quite impossible for the parties to live as husband and wife under one and the same roof. Both the parties have neither lived together and they have not cohabited with each other nor the petitioners have visited or stayed with each other since last more than __ year.

6- That there is temperamental differences between both the parties hence they have decided to dissolve their marriage by way of filing of Petition Under Section __ of the __ Marriage Act for dissolution of the marriage by mutual consent.

7- That during the stay with the first party, the first party did not adopt any cruelty upon the second party.

8- That both the parties have settled all their disputes amicably.

9- That it has been settled that the second party will not claim any amount on account of maintenance herself from the first party in future nor she will file any such case against the first party in any court of law for grant of maintenance nor file any criminal case against the first party.

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF both the parties have signed this deed of settlement at ___




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