Friday, September 10, 2010

Loan Under Scheme Affidavit


I, ____ son of ____, R/o ____. I solemnly declare that I, information submits to ____, the ____ is correct in all respect up to the best of my knowledge and belief further I declared that :-

1- I am a prominent person of the society and at present there is no liability pending against me for any Government Department / Co-Operative Society and individual firms as well as there is no any trial pending or under consideration with crime or fraud.

2- I am working/not working in a Government Service.

3- I am applying for loan under ____.

4- I will set up the unit in the ____ area certified by the revenue Department in the ____.

5- I will set up new unit after getting the loan from bank under ____ and will not manipulate in any respect with old units.

6- I will abide completed by rules and regulations lay down by the ____.

7- I will allow and Co-operative the ____ officials to inspect my unit installed under ____ for inspection, if there is any irregularity or manipulation will found, then the ____ will have full authority to recover the margin money with interest

8- I will use loan amount under ____ for setting of the unit for which it is taken and will not mis-utilise it

9- I will submit the progress report of the unit set under ____ regularly in time without fail.

10- I will be fully responsible for any type of mis-utilisation of loan under ____.

11- My self or any of my family members have not availed any financial assistance under ____.

12- I have not availed/applied of any subsidy from any other department for the purposed unit.

Verified that the contents of the above said affidavit stated by me, which are correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.

Verified at ____ on ____
1.           2.