Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Power of Attorney


This General Power of Attorney is made on this ______ day of _______, By:- ____ son of ____ at present

(hereinafter called the Executants), do hereby constitute and appoint nominate ____ Son of ____ Resident of _______, (hereinafter called the General Attorney).

Whereas the Executant is the absolute and undisputed owner in possession of ____ area ___ SITUATED AT ___ vide registered Sale Deed document No. ____, dated ____, Sub Registrar, ____.

Whereas we being personally unable to look after maintain, supervise the said property, therefore, my said attorney is empowered to manage, supervise the said property, to deposit its vacant land tax, balance installments, reserves prices, arrears, interest and any other dues and demands to take receipts of deposit amount with his/her signatures to represent me at all stages in all the offices and departments of Revenue Department, Labour Court, Income Tax Department, Municipal Corporation, _____ Government offices and departments, Central Government offices, Semi Government and any other concerned offices and departments and to do all other acts, deeds and things in connection thereto and to withdraw the money with his/her signatures if deposited in excess.


1. To manage, control, look after and supervise the above said property/plot as my said attorney may deems fit and proper.

2. To construct, renovate or rebuilt the said property/Plot as per sanctioned plan issued by the authority concerned if necessary.

3. To apply for and get the electric, water, power and sewerage connection and other services the said property from the authority concerned.

4. To let out the said property on rent to any person/s to realize the rent of said property from the tenant/s.

5. To execute sign, present and verify all such papers documents, such as Conveyance Deed, Sale Deed, etc. for me in my name and or my behalf pertaining to sole and transfer of the said property.

6. To deposit all fee, dues installments, and other charges to the concerned authority /authorities on my behalf.

7. To sell, mortgage, gift, lien, lease out, transfer the aforesaid property to any one and to receive the consideration amount of earnest money to execute the property deed, and documents and present the same to registration in the office of the sub registrar, concerned and get same registered. And to admit the execution thereof.

8. To receive the compensation or alternative site in case authority acquires the said property concerned.

9. To apply and get the cement/bricks and other building materials for the construction or addition and alteration of he said property.

10. To pay all necessary dues and charges remaining or further to the authority/ies concerned on demands.

11. To file any suit complaint, petition, revision, written statement, pertaining to any matters of the said property/land.

12. To appoint and remove further attorney(s).

13. To sign and submit the necessary forms for obtaining the said property in the office of the competent authority. To get demarcation of the said property, to rectify any documents through concerned department.

14. To apply for arrange mutation, charges, entries in all concerned official records of aforesaid property as may be deemed appropriate.

15. To apply for sale permission or no objection certificate from the concerned authority/ department.

16. Generally to do all acts, deeds and things for me in my name on my behalf in respect of my said property as my said attorney may deems it proper.

And all acts, deeds and things done my said attorney shall be binding on me in all respects IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have signed this GPA in the presence of the following witnesses.



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