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Performance Seller Legal Notice

Ref No.: _________                                     Date: _________

Registered A.D.

                                      LEGAL NOTICE


1-           Mr. _________       
Son of _________
Resident of _________

2-           Mr. _________       
Son of _________
Resident of _________

Dear Sirs,
Under the instructions from and on behalf of my clients i) _________, { ii) _________, iii) _________ iv) _________ if required} _________ sons of _________ all residents of _________ District _________, State _________, Country _________ I do hereby serve you with the following legal notice: -
1-           That you entered into an Agreement to purchase the _________ land measuring _________ out of the land bearing _________ No. _________, which is situated within the revenue estate of _________ vide to Agreement to sell dated _________.
2-           That total sale consideration of the said land was settled at _________/- (_________ only) out of which you paid _________/- (_________ only) as earnest money to my above named clients on the same day. My clients executed the separate cash receipt in the presence of witnesses.  
3-           That as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement to sell the date for execution and registration of the sale deed was fixed at _________.  On _________ you assured to come presence before the office of Sub Registrar, _________. 
4-           That on _________ my said clients ready and willing to perform their part of contract/Agreement to sell, reached the office of Sub Registrar, _________ with all necessary documents and waited for _________ and also presented an affidavit of attendance before the Sub Registrar, _________ but in the closing hours on dated _________ you did turn up to perform your part of contract on the same day and _________.
5-           That _________
6-           That as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement to sell _________.
 Copy of this notice is kept in my office for record.
_________, Advocate, _________

FORM 1 - Declaration for Physical Fitness for Driving License


1.      Name of the Applicant:          __________________
2.      Son/Wife/Daughter of:           __________________
3.      Permanent Address:                __________________                                                                                                            __________________
4.      Official / Temporary               __________________
address (if any)                       __________________
5.   Date of Birth                           Date ____ Month ____Year_____________
Age on date of application     __________________
      6.   Identification marks
 (1) __________________
(2) __________________


(a) Do you suffer from epilepsy or from sudden attacks of loss of consciousness or giddiness from any cause? Yes/No.
(b) Are you able to distinguish with each eye (or if you have held a driving license to drive a motor vehicle for a period of not less than five years and if you have lost, the sight of one eye after the said period of five years and if the application is for driving a motor vehicle other than a transport vehicle fitted with an outside mirror on the steering wheel side) or with eye, at a distance of 25 metres in good day light (with glasses, if worn ) a motor car number plate? Yes/No
(c) Have you lost either hand or foot or are you suffering from a defect or muscular power of either arm or leg? Yes/ No
(d) Can you readily distinguish the pigmentary colours, red and green? Yes/No
(e) Do you suffer from night blindness? Yes/No
(f) Are you so deaf as to be unable to hear (and if the application is for driving a light motor vehicle, with or without hearing aid) the ordinary sound signal? Yes/No
(g) Do you suffer from any other disease or disability likely to cause your driving of a motor vehicle to be a source of danger to the public, if so, give details. Yes/No

I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the particulars gives above and the declaration made therein are true.

(Signature or thumb impression of the application)

Note : (1) Applicant who answers `Yes' to any of the questions (a), (c), (e), (f) and (g) or `No' to either of the questions (b) and (d) should amplify his answers with full particulars, and may be required to give further information relating thereto.
(2) This declaration is to be submitted invariably certificate in Form 1-A.

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Note: Note: This form is for reference only and not to be used for making application. For Driving License application form please visit your near License Authority

Driving License Form


[See rule 3 (a), 13]

Licence No: _________
Date: _________

Name to be written across the photograph.

Specimen Signature/Thumb impression of the holder of the licence.

Signature and Seal of the Licensing Authority.

1.                  Name: __________________________________________.
2.                  Son/wife/daughter of: ______________________________
3.                  Date of Birth: ___________________________________________.
4.                  Optional/Blood Group--RH Factor]: ____________
5.                  Present address—Permanent: ______________________________.
Temporary/Official (if any): ______________________________
6.                  Marks of identification:
(1) ____________________________________
(2) ____________________________________

is licensed to drive throughout India as a learner subject to the provisions of rule 3 of the
Central Motor vehicles Rule, 1989, a motor vehicle of the following description:

* The holder of the licence has passed the medical test under rule 5 and the preliminary test referred to in rule 11(1) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

* The holder of the licence is exempted from the medical test rule 6 and from preliminary test under rule 11 (2) of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989.

* Strike out whichever is inapplicable.

This licence is valid from_____________________ to ____________________

Signature and Designation of
the Licensing Authority.

Warning: The attention of the holder of this licence is drawn to rule 3 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 which prohibits him from driving any motor vehicle unless he has besides him a person duly licensed to drive the vehicle and in every case, the vehicle carries “L” plates both in front and in the rear of the vehicle.

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 Note: This form is for reference only and not to be used for Driving License application. For Driving License application form please visit your near License Authority

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Evidence Claim

IN THE COURT OF _________, MACT, _________

_________        Versus        _________



I, _________ son of _________, resident of _________, _________, do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:-
1-    That the deponent was _________.

2-    That the accident was caused due to _________.

3-    That prior to accident the deponent _________.

4-    That all the respondents are liable to _________.

5-    That the deponent sustained _________.

6-    That the petition of the deponent for a sum of _________/-.


Verified that the contents of my above affidavit are true to best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.
Verified at _________ on _________


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Consumer Evidence


_________                Versus   _________

Complaint Under Section _________of the Consumer Protection Act _________ Amended upto date            
Evidence by way of affidavit on behalf of the Complainant

1-    That the deponent is registered owner of the vehicle _________, Engine No. _________, Chassis No. _________. The said vehicle was purchased by the deponent from the respondent.

2-    That at the time of purchasing of the said vehicle the respondent had given guarantee/warranty for the period of _________ years and had promised to replace any defect /defective part from the said vehicle. The respondent had also assured that if there will be any necessity for the replacement of any of manufacturing defect then they will replace the same and well before plying of the vehicle upto _________ KMs. This fact has also been maintained in the condition No.__ of the Warranty Card.

3-    That the deponent got his vehicle valid upto _________ on _________ and the respondent issued the extension of the warranty card in favour of the deponent. The copy of the warranty card is EXC-2 for the kind perusal of this Hon’ble court.

4-    That on _________ the deponent _________.    

5-    That after installation_________. The deponent is facing difficulty in plying the said vehicle.

6-    That _________.

7-    That the deponent _________.

8-    That the deponent _________ is entitled to receive the compensations amount of _________/- from the respondent.

9-    That the complaint of the deponent may kindly be received as prayed for in the complaint thereby directing the respondent to _________. 



Verified that the above contents of this affidavit are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed therein.

Verified at _________ On _________


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