Saturday, July 14, 2012

Performance Seller Legal Notice

Ref No.: _________                                     Date: _________

Registered A.D.

                                      LEGAL NOTICE


1-           Mr. _________       
Son of _________
Resident of _________

2-           Mr. _________       
Son of _________
Resident of _________

Dear Sirs,
Under the instructions from and on behalf of my clients i) _________, { ii) _________, iii) _________ iv) _________ if required} _________ sons of _________ all residents of _________ District _________, State _________, Country _________ I do hereby serve you with the following legal notice: -
1-           That you entered into an Agreement to purchase the _________ land measuring _________ out of the land bearing _________ No. _________, which is situated within the revenue estate of _________ vide to Agreement to sell dated _________.
2-           That total sale consideration of the said land was settled at _________/- (_________ only) out of which you paid _________/- (_________ only) as earnest money to my above named clients on the same day. My clients executed the separate cash receipt in the presence of witnesses.  
3-           That as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement to sell the date for execution and registration of the sale deed was fixed at _________.  On _________ you assured to come presence before the office of Sub Registrar, _________. 
4-           That on _________ my said clients ready and willing to perform their part of contract/Agreement to sell, reached the office of Sub Registrar, _________ with all necessary documents and waited for _________ and also presented an affidavit of attendance before the Sub Registrar, _________ but in the closing hours on dated _________ you did turn up to perform your part of contract on the same day and _________.
5-           That _________
6-           That as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement to sell _________.
 Copy of this notice is kept in my office for record.
_________, Advocate, _________