Saturday, July 2, 2011

Short Term Agreement for Job


That agreement is made on this_______ day of _______ Year_______ between the _______  (hereinafter called that 1st Party) through_______  and his successors/Assignee in office on the 1st Party and _______.
The engagement of purely temporary with effect from _______ to _______ for a period of _______ days as per terms and conditions specified in the agreement of till the regular candidate joins whichever is earlier.

  • The 1st Party in consideration of services rendered by him, shall pay to the 2nd Party wages as per applicable policy of _______, which will not be less than the minimum wages prescribed by the _______ of _______from the time to time.
  • The 1st Party will deduct all the statutory deduction as per the laid down rates from time to time.
  • The 1st Party reserves the right to cancel the agreement or to withhold the payment in the event of non-commencement or unsatisfactory performance of the work contract.
  • In case of _______, the 2nd Party shall arrange for his security as well as for his bell in case of his arrest. No wages shall be Payable for the period under arrest. The 1st Party reserves the right to decide whether the 2nd Party should be allowed to continue in employment.
  • The 2nd party shall indemnifier the _______ against all other damages/charges and expense for which the corporation may be held liable of pay on account of the negligence of the 2nd Party or any person under his control whether in respect of accident, injury or damage to the person or in executing the work or otherwise and against all claims and demands thereof.
  • If any information furnished by 2nd party is found to be incorrect at any time, the agreement is liable to be terminated without any notice.
  • The 2nd party shall compensate in full or in part as decided by the 1st Party, the loss sustained by the corporation on account of losses resulting from any damage/fraudulent tactics put to the _______ by 2nd Party or in case of concealment of facts.
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