Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Water Connection Application Undertaking


1. I/ We shall install ISI Water Meter of requisite specifications as per the requirements of the __________ Board at my /our own cost, if it is not provided by __________ Board.

2. I / We shall install Water connection within a period of __________ days from the date of sanction.

3. I / We shall be liable to pay the outstanding dues pertaining to disconnected water connection, if any and development charges (water/sewer) for the same premise.

4. I/We shall be liable to pay the outstanding dues on the water connection existing in the name of previous owner/occupier of the premise.

5. I / We shall be liable for the forfeiture of advance, security and development charges and also cancellation of sanction of water connection / disconnection of unauthorized water connection, if particulars furnished above are found to be wrong at the time of inspection by the Officers of the __________ Board.

6. I/ We shall install the water connection including pipes, fittings, etc, from ferrule to the premise through licensed Plumber OR any qualified engineer executing work to the satisfaction of the
__________ Board and will intimate the name and address of such plumber / engineer to __________
Board, if required.

7. I / We shall pay road restoration charges to the Competent Authority.

8. I / We agree that sanction of water connection or payment of development charges would not condone the illegality or unauthorized construction and liability of action in consequence thereof and would not, in itself, entitle the applicant for claiming any right, title or claim in respect of the premises.

9. I / We shall abide by the provisions of the __________ Water Board Act, ________ and Rules / Regulations framed or orders, directions issued there under.

10. I / We shall be responsible for civil and criminal liability if particulars furnished are wrong, OR
Undertaking given herein is not discharged properly.

Signature of Applicant(s)