Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Application for Advance Remittance against Imports

The Branch Manager,               
_________ Bank Limited
_________ Branch

Dear Sir,

Subject: Application for Advance Remittance Against Imports

Currency & Amount

Beneficiary Name, Address & Account No. / IBAN

Account No.
Beneficiary Bank Name, Address & SWIFT / Sort Code

Foreign Bank Charges( strike off whichever is NOT applicable)
To our Account / Beneficiary’s Account

We would like to purchase / utilize forward contract no. _________ and remit  (Foreign Currency & Amount) _________ as above. We enclose herewith a copy of the Contract / Proforma Invoice No. ________ demanding Advance Payment.

The required A1 form, duly filled in and necessary documentary evidence in support of the said purpose are enclosed.

We request you to debit my/ our EEFC / RFC Account No. _________ for _________ and the balance amount to my/ our INR Account No. __________________ along with your charges.

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