Friday, March 12, 2010


( See Hindu Adoption and Maintenance Act.1956)

This Deed of adoption made this day of Between ____________ Aged ____ years Son of ___________ & _________ Aged ____ years, wife of _________ (daughter/ Son of __________ ) by caste ________ R/o________________________________ Hereinafter called the “ Giver” of the first part and _______________ age ___ years, Widow of ________________ R/o ___________________, by caste ___________ herein after called the “ Recipient” of the second part.
Whereas the said _________ died on ___________ leaving him surviving the recipient as his soles widow and without any son being born to him.

And whereas in the circumstance and there having none to continue the lineage of the deceased and/ or secure spiritual benefit and/or maintain PINDA relationship and perform other religious obsequies to his departed soul and that of his deceased ancestors the recipient desires to take the son the giver named ___________ at present age ______ years his date of birth __________ being (Bland) in adoption he having had and borne all the reflection of a natural born son.

AND WHEREAS THE USUAL CEREMONAY AS TO Dattak Homan Physical delivery of the child and the ceremonial gift as to taking the boy, where performed on the ___________ in the presence of several persons including those who are attesting witness.

:: 2 ::

And Whereas ever since the said adoption the said _____________ has been to all intents and purposes treated as a member of the family of the recipient.

NOW THEREFORE THESE PRESENTS WITNESS AND IT IS hereby agreed and declared as follows :-
The giver has given in adoption his son named _______________ to the recipient and the recipient has duly taken him in adoption and make him/her son, that is to say, son of her husband.

All necessary ceremonies including Dattak Homan and Physical delivery of the child from hand to hand have been observed and performed by either party on the_________ AND THESE PRESENTS FURTHER WITNESS and it is hereby agreed and declared by and between the parties hereto that the said ______________ has according to the Sastras and law become by virtue of the adoption aforesaid a son of ______________ (_______________) capable of performing the religious duties to his adoptive father with all rights and obligations of a natural born son is so entitled to inheritance and succession of all the persona and real estate of the deceased and of the recipient both ex paternal and ex maternal to all intents and purposes AND THIS INDENTURE ALSO witnesses that ever since the above adoption has been effected the said ______________ has renounced and abandoned the use of his original surname _____________ and in lieu thereof assumed and adopted the surname ___________ AND that of the recipient shall at all times hereafter in all records, deeds, documents and other writings use and subscribe the surname of the recipient and shall accordingly be knowns, described and addressed as the son of the recipient.

:: 3 ::

IN WITNESSES WHEREOF the parties hereto have hereunto set and subscribed their respective hands and seals the day, month and year first above written.

Signed, sealed and delivered by the within named parties at _____________ on dated____________ in the presence of following witnesses.

Signature of Giver/first party Signature of Recipient/Second party

Witnesses :-