Monday, March 15, 2010

Legal Notice For Snatching And Accident

________________ RESIDENCE CUM OFFICE
Seat No._____, __________
District courts, _________
Phone No

Ref No.________ Dated ____________




Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client Mr. _______________, resident of __________________________, I do hereby serve you with the following legal Notice: -
1- That my client is respectable person of the society and he is plying his ____________________ on the roads and is earning the livelihood for his family members.

2- That in the month of _________________my said client driving his vehicle on a very moderate and normal speed, on the extreme left side of the road keeping in view the principles of road and safety of the others on the road when reached at ____________________ meantime your client driving your offending ______________ rashly, negligently, with a high-speed came from behind side and hit vehicle
__________________ of my client from back side. You came out of the car and gave fists and slaps blow to my said client. You forcibly snatch the R.C. of the ________________________ from the custody of my said client and also snatched the purse containing Rs. ___________/-.

3- That my client went to your client and asked you to return the R.C. as well as the cash amount of Rs. ____________/- but you instead of returning the same threatened my client for dire consequences. In this way you have forced my said client to file the criminal and civil proceedings against you in the competent court of law against you as well as your driver.

4- That you along with your driver have committed criminal wrongs by snatching the R.C. and the cash amount from my said client for which my client reserves his right to file criminal proceedings as well as suit for damages against you in the competent court of law. You have robbed the money as well as R.C. from the custody of my said client

I, therefore, through this legal notice call upon you to handover the R.C. of _______________________ along with the amount of Rs. __________/- with interest to my said client and Rs. ______________/- as charges of this legal Notice within the period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this legal notice, failing which my client has given me clear instructions to file civil, criminal, suit for damages and other Misc. proceedings against you in the competent court of law and in that event you shall be responsible for all costs, risks and responsibilities which please note well.

A copy of this legal notice is retained in my office for record and further necessary action.
____________, Advocate