Saturday, March 13, 2010

Witness Application

IN THE COURT OF ________________

__________ VS. ____________


Application for summoning the witnesses and
Permission to deposit the expenses of Witnesses.


The applicant/plaintiff respectfully submits as under: -

1- That the above noted petition is pending in this hon’ble court and is fixed for ___________. The applicant wants to summon the following witnesses for the date fixed: -

(i) _________________________ with the relevant record of cash order /pay order dated _____________ vide No. ___________ Branch Code _________

(ii) _____________________ with the record of Register of attestation of affidavits dated _______ of Shri __________ Son of Shri ___________, resident of ___________________

(iii) Record keeper of record room lower court with the record of case No. ______ of ____________ Year titled as “_____________ VERSUS ____________” decided on ______________ which was decided by Shri _____________________.

(iv) Shri _______________, Advocate, ________________.


It is, therefore, prayed that the above mentioned witnesses may kindly be summoned for the date fixed and the applicant/plaintiff may kindly be allowed to deposit the expenses of the witnesses before this hon’ble court.


Through counsel:

________________, Advocate, ___________________