Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Legal Notice to Bank for Vehicle NOC

Ref No……… Dated _____


Dear Sir

Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client _____ R/o _______ I do hereby serve upon you with the following legal notice:-

1- That my client got financed a vehicle _____ in the month of ___ vide Loan Account No. ______ and the installment of the loan was ____/- per month.

2- That my client regularly and continuously deposited the monthly installments with your bank. ______ the said car of my client met with a roadside accident in which the same was ___% damaged. My client deposited the balance payment of the installments of ______ of your bank at ______ vide receipt No.___ dated _______. My client also deposited the amount of ___/- vide receipt No. ___ in the said office as charges of issuance of No Dues Certificate/NOC so that my client could be able to get the said vehicle transferred. The said amount was the urgent amount for the issuance of NDC. Your officials assured my client that they will send the N.D.C./NOC to my said client within _ days but your officials have not send the same to my client.

3- That my client has been continuously and regularly contacting your officials at customer care from time to time but your officials have been harassing my client badly. My client is a respectable person of the society and he is the ____.

4- That by not handing over N.D.C./NOC of the said vehicle to my said client you have caused mental agony, tension and harassment to my said client by your deficient and negligent services rendered by you. Hence my client is entitled to recover compensation of ____/- from you. My client is also entitled to receive the amount of interest of the deposited amount from you also.

I, therefore, call upon you through this legal Notice to handover the NOC/NDC of Vehicle No. _______ and pay the interest amount on the last deposited amount to my said client and also pay a compensation amount of _____/- for causing the mental agony, harassment and tension due to your deficient and negligent service and loss of his reputation, to my said client and pay ____/- as charges of this notice, under intimation to me, within the period of __ days from the date of receipt of this legal Notice, failing of which my client has given me clear instructions to file appropriate proceedings against you in the competent court of law and in that event you will be fully responsible for all costs, risks, responsibilities, expenses and consequences thereof. Please note well.

A copy of this Notice is kept intact in my office for record and further necessary action and you are also advised to keep the copy of the same as safe as you would be asked to produce in the court.

Thanking you,

______ Advocate, _______