Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Legal Notice to Property Seller

Ref No………. Dated ____

________ S/o ____
R/o ________


Under the instructions from and on behalf of my client _____ son of _____, resident of _______, I do hereby serve upon you with the following legal notice:-

1- That you entered into an agreement to sell dated ___ with my said client to sell your Plot measuring __ Sq. Yards comprising in ____ bounded as on the ____ of others, on the ____, ___ and on the ____ portion which is situated in ____ & District ____. You signed the Agreement to sell in the presence of witness’s ___ R/o ____ and _____ R/O ______

2- That as per the terms and conditions of the agreement to sell the sale consideration of the said plot was settled at ____/- and my client paid you the full and final sale consideration of _____/- (_____ only) to you on the same day. You executed and acknowledged the separate cash receipt in the presence of witnesses ____ R/o ____ and _____, R/o ______ on the same day.

3- That at the time of execution of the agreement to sell and the cash receipt you delivered the possession of the said plot to my client on the spot. My client constructed the _____ on the purchased plot and spent ____/- on the construction of the same.

4- That as per the terms and conditions of the Agreement to sell it was settled that whenever my client would like to get the sale deed executed and registered in his favour then you would execute the sale deed in favour of my client without obtaining any amount from my client.

5- That now my client wants to get the sale deed of the said plot/house registered in his name and you are required to come to the office of _____ for performing your part of contract.

I, therefore, through this legal notice call upon you to execute and register the sale deed in respect of the above mentioned plot/house in favour of my said client within the period of 15 days from the date of receipt of this notice and intimate my client in this regard immediately.

Copy of this notice is kept intact in my office for record and further necessary action.
____, Advocate, _____